Speak Taiwanese (Taigi/Hokkien/Minnan/Hoklo/)


Hi from Mei-Li Fang. This is my website for learning resources for the Taiwanese language (also called Taigi/Minnan/Hoklo/Hokkien), beginning with the e-textbook Spoken Hokkien, which was originally written to support teaching of the Taiwanese language at major universities in the UK and Japan, and now joined by the intermediate level Spoken Hokkien Intermediate for continuing learners, and two new e-textbooks  written in Mandarin for Mandarin speakers: 台語初級: Elementary Taigi for Mandarin Speakers and 台語中級: Taigi Intermediate for Mandarin Speakers.

I do hope you can enjoy learning some Taiwanese, whether from my e-books or from the warm people of Taiwan.

– Mei-Li Fang